To Know Yourself, Know Where You Come From

I am going to talk about something which may seem an odd topic for a business paper, but it really makes sense…so please follow me through to the end!

I wear, almost every day, three chains. I am often asked what they mean and why I wear them. Some people suggest I am trying to be cool, but if you know me, you know how ridiculous that is… I wear them because they hold meaning for me, and they remind me who I strive to be and where I’ve been on this journey.

I feel that if I am going to represent myself, and my business, honestly, if I am going to ask a client to trust me and my partners and have faith in us (and by the way, the same stands for relationships), I should be open about who I am and from where I come. In the case of business, it is true that people want to do business with those they like and have commonalities. I think we have moved away from that concept in today’s world, we must remember that, as in dating, we want a relationship with someone we like, whom we respect, and to whom we are attracted. If we put that out there up front, it simplifies everything!

So, I wear three chains: one is an anchor which represent my love for the ocean and for my service in the Navy (probably the best, after what I do now, job I have held). The second chain is an orange stone, which represents the color of my aura. The third is a wolf’s head, the wolf being my spirit animal!

So right about now you are asking yourself why any of this matters?

As you probably surmised, if I know my spirit animal (the wolf), I have Native American roots! My mother’s side of the family is from where that derives. After her death, my father and I spent hours and hours researching our family history. It is important to me because it is a connection to her and her family, and to my father and his family. But, it also explains to me some things that have happened in my life and how I see the world.

The wolf, in Native American culture, represents many traits I strive to represent in my life. It also represents that which I think are among my strongest attributes. Knowing that information addressed a lot of questions for me and helped me find a path forward.

The Navy greatly influenced my life, how I work, the values I keep, my respect for service and country, and for those who serve. I would not be who I am, or see the world and my life as I do, without that experience! I also value the ocean, its vast expanses and its majesty. I spent a lot of time in my youth at my great aunt’s house on the Oregon coast, even though years ago, those time are still in my mind and hold great value to me. When I lived in Los Angeles, the beach was always my respite, where I would go to decompress and think. There was one specific beach that was my spot, and when I get a chance to return to LA, I still spend time there!

When I first learned the color of my aura, I laughed because orange has been, since youth, my favorite color. When I studied colors, their meanings and representations, I was shocked at how accurate that was to me! So many of the traits orange represents are second nature to me. They represent so much of who I am.

Life gives you some unusual gifts!

These three factors influence how I see the world, how I interact with it, and how I represent myself. These chains represent who I am and from where I come, and they keep me grounded. They remind me of the sacrifices my family has made to enable me to be who I am, and where I am today. They keep me focused on my loved ones and what I want to do for them, and what I want for them to find in their lives! If I don’t know who I am and from where I come, how can I know where I am going? Without that knowledge, how can I be of service to those I love, and to — in an entrepreneurial sense, to my clients and customers?

So, the question which remains is this: why is this on a business blog? The answer is that, especially in terms of entrepreneurship, a business owner must know where they are heading, what drives them, and what are the goals they seek to achieve. It is much easier to make those decisions, and to understand those factors, if one knows from where they come, who they are, how their background has formed them, and how those factors influence how they see the world.



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